◆ All 50 species ☆ 2H with drinks "Ultimate" "Yakiniku" 7,000 courses (all 18 items)

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All 【Kuroge Wagyu】! 【Ultimate】 course composed of a lot more 【rare site】! Super freezing Super Dry "Extra Cold" can be drunk at any time! In addition, you can drink as much as you want the most frozen frozen topic this evening!



Course content (18 items in total)

1) Special Mixed Namulu

2 ~ 4) Three kinds of kimuchi

Chinese cabbage kimchi

·cucumber Kimchi

· Kakuteki

5) Wagyu beeke

※ Chuo Ward authorized.A gem that can be handled only by limited stores.

6) Wagyu beech throat salad

7) Wagyu tongue (tan)

8) Wagyu beechushi

9) Wagyu wormwood

10) Japanese Wagy Fall

11) Wagyu Beef lamp

12) Grilling of Wagyu Beef shoulder core

13) Wagyu bee Makura

14) Wagyu Sasami

15) Today's Wagyu Bee Rare Site That One

Recommended day Kuroge Wagyu beef rare luxury site

16) Today's Wagyu Bee Rare Site Part 2

Recommended day Kuroge Wagyu beef rare luxury site

17) Beef steamed boiled chashike

Characterized by Assami using Japanese soup stock

18) Today's dessert

* There may be changes in contents depending on the purchase situation etc.

※ ※ This course is not available in all you can eat.

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  • ◆ All 50 species ☆ 2H "All you can drink" "Ultimate" 7,000 courses (all 18 items)

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      ※ Reservation required // 4 people / on the day OK / other tickets, coupons can not be used together / all-you-can-drink 2 hour system 【LO: 30 minutes ago】 /

    • Expiration date
      End of December 2018